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This area is for information for our sales and service point partners. Here, you can find here tutorial videos, documents for download and other important information. If you have any questions, contact us anytime at or +41 56 222 66 33

Sales assistance 

Sales Tutorial part 1: Customers first hands on experience

Sales Tutorial part 2: Customer wants to try the system on their own instrument

Sales Tutorial part 3: Q&A 

Sales Tutorial part 4: Answering the price sensitivity of customers with value propositions of the product


Factsheets & manuals

Factsheets Manuals
CARBON Edition English / Deutsch
CARBON Edition: English / Deutsch
Limited AIR Edition English / Deutsch
Limited AIR Edition: English / Deutsch
PURE Edition English / Deutsch
PURE Edition: English
PURE Grip Pad: English

Leaflet & flyers for customers

Leaflet - read before first use Flyers - explaining the procedure
English / Deutsch
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