Research Findings

Our research was mainly focused on allowing our system to be as non-invasive as possible in relation to the player and their instrument. To achieve this goal, we strived for:

  • Improved Sound
  • Improved Biomechanics of Performance
  • Improved Materials
  • Improved Pressure Distribution
  • Improved Surface Properties
  • Improved Manufacturing Methods
  • Improved Design 

Improved Sound // Cambridge University, Engineering Department & Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, Department of Engineering and Innovation

To learn about the vibration of complex structures and the identification and modelling of vibration damping, we had the chance to collaborate with one of the world's best experts at Cambridge University.

Throughout 6 months, our prototypes were tested for resilience and acoustical properties in the labs of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences to approve the design for sound optimisation, production and safety.

Improved Biomechanics of Performance // ETH Department of Health Sciences in Zurich, Zurich University of the Arts and Hannover University, Department of Music medicine (Research & Development grant from the Swiss Federal Commission of Technology and Innovation)

Electromyographic analysis of 13 muscles during performances and extended video motion analysis of a group of professional musicians and students from masterclasses (Prof. Bron, Prof. Koelman) to learn about the impact on Human Physiology.

Improved Materials // ETH Zurich, Institute for Mechanics and Materials

Laser Vibrometer analysis of high string instruments to learn about the interaction of materials and the impact of clamping equipment on violins regarding vibrations and wave propagation.

Improved Pressure Distribution // Swiss Federal Institute of Materials Science and Technology

Electronic and Mechanical Pressure Mapping with foils and sensors in order to learn about the pressure distribution on the instrument and the body of the player and compare existing chin & shoulder rests with our innovative concepts of modular all-in-one rest systems for evident reduction of pressure to the instrument and the player's body.

Improved Surface Properties // University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology

With two consecutive research projects, granted by the Research Fund of Canton Aargau, Switzerland, we found the breakthrough solution for a gecko-inspired micro lamella grip structure which has a superior anti-slip effect on the shoulder rest.

Improved Manufacturing Methods // ETH Zurich Institute of  Machine Tools and Manufacturing

With the research group of INSPIRE ETH, we developed new ways and materials to use 3D printing in metals for industry-relevant prototyping and testing.

Improved Design // AIRBUS Industries Research Labs, Taufkirchen, Germany

To find the lightest and most rigid structures for our high-end technology we had the chance to collaborate with cutting edge materials of AIRBUS Industries and test our bionic design concepts with them.