Tutorial Videos

Tutorial 1: Basics of mounting and dismounting your DOLFINOS Rest System

In this video, the mounting and dismounting of your Dolfinos Rest System will be explained. The DOLFINOS Rest System consists of 3 key components - the shoulder rest, the adapter and the chin rest - consisting of more than 40 high quality and innovative parts. 



Tutorial 2: DOLFINOS Features

In this video, we’re going to explain the features of the DOLFINOS Rest System. DOLFINOS has taken utmost care to develop these features through more than 5 years of research to come to the most excellent result. 



Tutorial 3: How to profit from all the functions

In this video we will explain you how you can achieve a personal fit and maximum trust thanks to the proven features of the DOLFINOS Rest System.


Tutorial 4: Advanced Usage and Maintenance

In this video, we will explain you how to do basic troubleshooting and how to maintain your DOLFINOS Rest System. Also, we explain how to order spare parts and exchange them.


Tutorial: How to bend the slider plate and the shoulder rest (only for Air Edition)


Tutorial: DOLFINOS Balance Bag Tutorial


Tutorial: DOLFINOS Cello Grip Foot