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Luthiers, retailers and distributors

Are you interested in offering our products as part of your range and expanding your customer base? Become a sales point in your region and benefit from attractive partnership models and extensive support from DOLFINOS.

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Private DOLFINOS users

Are you enthusiastic about your DOLFINOS product? Would you like to share your experience with others and earn something on the side? If so, we have exactly the right thing for you:

Become a DOLFINOS sales point partner and benefit from lucrative profits!

The concept is simple: as a DOLFINOS user you know everything about your product. Share your knowledge and experience with your fellow musicians and any interested individuals can try a DOLFINOS through you. 

DOLFINOS will support and provide you with training videos, online workshops as well as sample material - free of charge. There's more! As a part of the DOLFINOS community, you will also benefit from further training opportunities, an exclusive bonus program and have access to an interactive platform for the chance to exchange with musicians from all around the world!

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