Musical Education

DOLFINOS is investing in research and development, not only to continuously provide Smart Technologies for Musicians, but with the big picture in mind, we want to see our contribution in fostering musical education for all. Our goal is to strengthen the role of music in society and help open doors to musical education for future musical generations and musicians all over the world.

Without having access to digital knowledge, the chances to participate in human growth and wealth are little, but "without music, life is a mistake” (F. Nietzsche).

DOLFINOS, therefore, manufactures products and establishes funds to support musical education and organisations. We started our first donation program in 2020 and our first invention, the actual DOLFINOS violin rest system, can already be played with for kids starting from primary school. Our technology is built for successful and joyful learning! (Watch the videos below.)

We are happy to announce our next product for 2022, which will offer the first all-in-one solution for preschool children. Donors and fellow campaigners are welcome to join our philanthropic endeavours. You can write to:


"My mom and teacher don't have to keep telling me to keep the violin in the right position anymore, that comes naturally with the DOLFINOS!" - Leopold Pfister, 7 years old


"I can concentrate on my fingers and it also looks much better because the violin sits completely comfortable." - Alma Deutscher

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