The DOLFINOS Rest System

An equipment should adapt to the user and not the other way round

The DOLFINOS Rest System is a complete and modular solution that can be used in various combinations. It covers all the necessary equipment and fits the individual needs that violinists and violists require (chin rest, adapter, shoulder rest). Its precise and well thought through design has been developed with musicians, for musicians. Throughout the whole R&D process, we worked in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team from various universities. The DOLFINOS Rest System is manufactured in Switzerland with high-quality craftsmanship and mechanical components.

In December 2019, we officially launched the DOLFINOS Rest System. Today, musicians in more than 40 countries worldwide play with the DOLFINOS Rest System. Amongst them are world-renowned soloists like Leonidas Kavakos and Vilde Frang. You can also find the DOLFINOS Rest System in many orchestras around the world!

The DOLFINOS Rest System is suitable for beginners, students, amateurs and professionals, and fits 1/2 3/4, 7/8, 4/4 violins and most average size violas. It works with all types of violin and viola setups and normally needs no change of the end knob, tailpiece, etc. You can easily mount and dismount our system in less than 3 minutes.

What is adjustable?

The Limited AIR Edition

Our flagship product - unmatched in elegance and durability. The breastwing and its parts are made of aircraft aluminium (thus the name). With this material you can bend the breastwing and the slider plates, in one direction, up to 20° to adjust them to fit your body even better. 

The CARBON+ Edition

The newest addition to the DOLFINOS family! The CARBON+ Edition is the direct successor to our SIGNATURE Edition (see below) with some improvements. Made out of a carbon composite, this Rest System is not only light but also provides great stability. The improved pin-lock-system comes with thicker pins and other optimization, making it the more stable and easier to mount/dismount than our previous Editions. 


The SIGNATURE Edition is the second iteration of our highly successful carbon composite Rest System. It offers everything you would expect from a DOLFINOS Rest System at a more affordable price. The SIGNATURE Edition includes the Toledo chin rest as standard chin rest. You can upgrade to a chin rest made of European FSC wood (+50 CHF).

Dolfinos Signature Edition

The PURE Edition

The PURE Edition was developed especially for musicians who play without a shoulder rest or want to keep using their current shoulder rest. The PURE Edition consists of one chin rest and a slimmer adapter. As an alternative you may also add our very convenient anti-slip pad, the PURE Grip Pad, onto the back of your instrument.



Are you unsure which DOLFINOS is the best option for you? Here is a short overview. For more details on every rest system, take a look at our factsheets.

DOLFINOS Rest System Overview