Price Adjustments
We know that our customers value the fact that they not only get high-quality products from DOLFINOS but that these are also based on true prices.However, very many products that people buy today are based on untrue prices. These prices...
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DOLFINOS Uttwil Switzerland workshop all in one chin shoulder rest system
We are very happy to announce that we will hold another workshop soon. This workshop will take place during the Uttwil Masterclass Week on August 24th at 7 pm. This workshop is free of charge and will be open to...
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DOLFINOS Verbier workshop all in one chin shoulder rest system
DOLFINOS will be giving two workshops at the Verbier Festival 2022 on July 15th 2022, 14.00-16.00 (Atelier 1) and 17.30-19.00 (Atelier 2)! The workshop is accessible to every violist, violinist, cellist (amateurs, students, professionals) and it's free of charge! The...
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