The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)
The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)

The CARBON+ Edition (small violin)

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The CARBON+ Edition is the golden mean between all DOLFINOS Rest System Editions. The material composition combines the robustness of the AIR Edition with the lightness of carbon material. The CARBON+ Edition is suitable for every player, child, and adult alike.

This DOLFINOS Rest System is a Swiss Made product developed with leading musicians, pedagogies, and scientific institutions and includes various ground-breaking and patented innovations. The key innovation is that the standard shoulder rest is split into two cushions. Each cushion is able to move independently, which enables a maximum fit for each body geometry.

The CARBON+ Edition for violin includes a shoulder rest made of a Swiss carbon composite, an adapter, and a chin rest, the TOLEDO, which is part of this Edition, can be selected between two different heights.

The violin adapter opens up to a height of 44 mm and closes to 34 mm. If your violin is higher than 44mm, please order the CARBON+ Edition with a bigger violin adapter (37-47mm). In order to ensure that you buy the proper adapter size, please measure the width of your violin from the top plate to the bottom plate (see picture) and choose the right size accordingly.

This shoulder rest is designed for violin players and is 172 mm long. The material is a CARBON COMPOSITE, which is almost as stiff as the aircraft aluminum of the Limited AIR Edition. Different from aluminum, the carbon composite cannot be post-manufactured (additional bending of the curved wings). On the other hand, it is 15 grams lighter than the AIR Edition. 

The shoulder rest comes along with flexible CARBON COMPOSITE sliders. This adds comfort to the player as the adaptiveness of the slider helps to fit the system perfectly on the body of the player when moved around to different positions. More rigid CARBON COMPOSITE Slider Plates are available for this Edition. The more rigid slider plates are made for those who want to reduce the flexibility of their CARBON+ shoulder rest and add more rigidity to their system.

For ultimate comfort and durability, the EPDM Cushions can be replaced by Memory Foam Cushions, which are available in two different heights.

The standard chin rest of the CARBON+ Edition is the TOLEDO. This chin rest is made of antistatic ABS, has a special design, and comes in two different heights to match the individual needs of the variety of neck lengths.

The TOLEDO is our full injection moulded universal chin rest. We have designed it after our most popular model, the wooden Vienna. In this new design, we have included all the user feedback from around the world to make it may be the most universal chin rest we can now offer. You can choose between either TOLEDO High (for longer necks, 24-34mm) or TOLEDO Low (for shorter necks, 19-29mm).

The Toledo can be replaced by upgrading to the standard models of your choice that are made of European FSC-certified wood. The price for this upgrade is CHF 50.00 excl. VAT. You can choose between four different shapes and two colours (black or brown). Two of our chin rests come in various heights (high or low).

VIENNA is created with a universal design that works for most violin and viola players. Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 24mm – 34mm.
VIENNA LOW: Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 19mm – 29mm.
BERLIN has a broader lip which offers an extra hold, therefore often chosen by violists. Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 25mm – 35mm.
BERLIN LOW: Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 20mm – 30mm.
VENEZIA is lower in height and is recommended for players with shorter necks. Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 13mm–23mm.
LISBON works especially well for extreme left to middle playing positions and shorter necks. Gives an extra hold over the tailpiece. Height of chin rest, minimum - maximum extension: 15mm – 25mm.

All our chin rests come along with the highest grade of nonallergic med-tech titanium rods (grade 5 Titanium which is also used for implants)

Is your preferred chin rest sold out or are you looking for a special chin rest solution? See our collection of unique chin rest, e.g. ultra-lightweight (below 22g) or chin rests with a special polish as well as our offer for customized chin rests here.

Remember, we offer a 15 days money-back guarantee and ship all over the world!

Not sure how to mount the DOLFINOS Rest System? Don't worry, our step-by-step tutorial will show you how to get started in just a few minutes.