Torque Limiter Screwdriver (0.2Nm)

Torque Limiter Screwdriver (0.2Nm)

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You can tighten the adapter screws with this tool instead of our DOLFINOS Screwdriver. 

This tool has a preset torque and ensures that the tightening pressure of 0.2Nm is not exceeded. Our measurements have shown that a tightening pressure up to 0.4Nm is still permissible for our system, but in most cases 0.2Nm is sufficient.

For many instruments, even a tightening pressure lower than 0.2Nm is sufficient. This depends on whether the instrument is flat at the rim, curved inwards, or outwards. It is important to perform the "thumb test" to see how well the adapter holds (as shown in our tutorial no. 1). The adapter must not slip away, because otherwise the system will not be stable enough on the instrument and, moreover, the sound will be significantly better if the adapter is tightened enough on the violin.

The limit is indicated by the tool when you hear a click while turning the key. Always distribute the pressure of both screws on the same level.