Available sizes

The DOLFINOS adapter is compatible with 1/2 to 4/4 violins and violas. We have developed 3 different sizes to match this range. Our adapter also fits many electric violins. 

If your instrument has a very thick body and not very much flat space, the adapter might need some adjustments to make it fit your instrument. If this is the case, please write to us at sales@dolfinos.com

In order to ensure that you buy the proper adapter size, please measure the width of your violin from the top plate to the bottom plate (see picture) and choose the right size accordingly.

DOLFINOS Rest System

We offer a shoulder rest and a chin rest that are specifically designed for violin and viola players.

In addition to the built-in stepless angling system, the height and lateral angle of the shoulder rest can be altered by 2 different heights of slider friction washers and two different heights of cushions.

For further adaptation to personal needs for playing positions, the shoulder rest and the slider plates of the Limited AIR Edition can be additionally bent up to 20 degrees. 

Chin Rests:

We have developed 2 universal chin rests: the Vienna and the Toledo. Both chin rest will be available in a low and a high version. The Toledo has a specific shape that is based on all the user feedback from around the world to make it maybe the most universal chin rest we can now offer.