Torque Limiter Screwdriver - Electronical

Torque Limiter Screwdriver - Electronical

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With this tool, you can measure exactly the pressure of the adapter on your instrument when you tighten the adapter screws with this tool instead of our DOLFINOS Screwdriver. This is especially recommended if you have a very valuable and/or vulnerable instrument. We have calculated the optimal pressure range between: 0.20Nm – 0.30Nm (Newton Meter). For most instruments, 0.24Nm is the optimal number for stable fit and good sound. The maximum value we allow for our system is 0.40Nm.

The battery is new. We recommend a battery check after a certain time to make sure the tool stays fully functional.

Always distribute the pressure of both screws on the same level. A torque difference of 0.01 – 0.02 between both adapter screws is not a problem.