What is the mission of DOLFINOS?

Our mission is to provide high string musicians with the best equipment to enable them to powerfully and freely perform. Therefore we have spent years researching and developing the most excellent technologies to come to the ground-breaking DOLFINOS Rest System. We started selling the Air Edition in December 2019, which is developed for professionals. In the meanwhile we are working on a full range of different models to allow every player to meet their needs.


How long do I wait for my DOLFINOS Rest System?

Normally the shipping of a DOLFINOS Rest System takes around 7-14 days (depending on the target country). Please be aware that shipping delays are possible during this global pandemic. Please allow extra time for your order to reach you. 


Do you deliver to Germany, Europe or even the whole world?

We do our best to deliver to as many countries as possible. You can check in our webshop whether we deliver to your country or not.


What is the DOLFINOS Air Edition and how do I get it?

The DOLFINOS Air Edition is the first ever DOLFINOS Rest System made available for sale. This is an edition of extremely high quality that will later be sold as our premium model at a premium price. We have made a limited number of the DOLFINOS Air Edition available for our first customers. Order today to take advantage of this unique opportunity! 


Is it true that I can test the product for free and send back if I don't like it?

Yes, you are right. Every customer has the right to test the product and send it back within 15 days in the case that it does not reach your expectations. You can find more information about it in our return policy.


Why is the DOLFINOS Rest System so expensive?

Our product is manufactured in Switzerland using high quality craftsmanship and materials to ensure a longevity of the product. The aim of DOLFINOS is to offer life changing products to those who serve the music, simply because they deserve it.


Why is the DOLFINOS Rest System so cheap?

Our mission is to support musicians by enabling them to play as long as possible with a minimal impact on their body’s health, while also preserving the state of their instrument as much as possible. Its precise and well thought through design has been developed with musicians, for musicians. You don’t pay for an expensive distribution network or expensive marketing measures. So we can put more value into the product. The aim of DOLFINOS is to offer life changing products to those who serve the music, simply because they deserve it.


Could I become the best violin player in the world with the DOLFINOS Rest System?

Well, you could be, why not? But this is not only due to the help of the DOLFINOS Rest System. It takes a lot of practice, perseverance and effort. In addition to musical talent.

“A genius! I've practiced fourteen hours a day for thirty-seven years, and now they call me a genius!" Pablo Sarasate


Where does the name DOLFINOS come from? Is it an Italian name?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but in Italian dolphin is called “Delfino”. However, there are some similarities to dolphins. The initial idea of DOLFINOS was to develop a chin and shoulder rest solution that would help children learn to play the violin with more ease, as well as making it more fun. The first prototype looked like the heads of two dolphins jumping out of the ocean (maybe you see the parallels in our logo?). Throughout the years of research and development, it became more and more clear to us how appropriate and fitting the name DOLFINOS was to our company. These mammals represent freedom of movement, are elegant and friendly to everyone. As our product, DOLFINOS.


I would like to face less health risks in the exercise of my profession. Is that possible with DOLFINOS?

Of course we are no doctors but we would love to contribute to an improvement in your comfort while playing! It is true that our product can help you feel better thanks to the adjustable parts and therefore more ergonomic playing.


What parts of the DOLFINOS Rest System are adjustable?

You can adjust the height of your chin rest up to 10 mm, as well as move the position of the cushions and the height of the shoulder rest to your individual comfort. 


What parts of the DOLFINOS Rest System are interchangeable?

You can choose between four different standard chin rests, the Vienna, the Venezia, the Berlin and the Lisbon model. In order to find the right chin rest for you, please read the information about it in our product menu.


Do you offer different sizes of the DOLFINOS Rest System?

We offer a standard edition intended for violin players and a long edition intended for viola players with the according adapters. The chin rests can be used for both editions. If you are not sure whether the DOLFINOS Rest System fits on your violin or viola, please get in touch with us.


How do I know which adapter is the right one for my violin?

In order to ensure that you buy the proper adapter size, please measure the width of your violin from the top plate to the bottom plate (see picture) and choose the right size accordingly.


What can I do if I don't know which chin rest fits me best?

We recommend ordering more than one chin rest if you are unsure which chin rest fits you best. We offer a 15-day trial period on all standard models. This allows you to try out the chin rests at home at your leisure and return the products you do not wish to keep.


I want a rest system that is reliably attached to the instrument. Can DOLFINOS help?                  

Yes, in this case you are lucky to play a DOLFINOS! Our product is reliably attached to the instrument without squeezing its body. So it's not only about a more reliable attachment, but also about a gentler handling of your instrument and therefore a freer sound.


How has the Rest System been developed?

The Rest System has been developed with and for musicians. DOLFINOS worked together with leading scientific institutions and Swiss production partners to come to the most excellent solution.


What are the key innovations?

We can off course not disclose all our innovations. One which we are happy to share with you is how we developed the ground-breaking grip hoods.These were developed with the The Swiss Institute of Polymer Nanotechnology over a process of two years. This resulted in the creation of a micro lamella structure which allows a never before experienced grip on textiles and skin to reduce the pressure needed to hold the violin. Another one worth mentioning is the non invasive adapter. This has been developed together with ETH Zurich and the University of Cambridge and approved by Habisreutinger Stiftung to be mounted on their collection of rare Stradivarius violins and violas.


What is special about your chin rest materials?

We choose skin-friendly materials and make sure that we use European FSC Wood. FSC certified means that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. The one we chose is the highest quality FSC wood on the European market. This type is highly resilient and at the same time very light. The chin rests are manufactured through the highest level of Swiss quality production. 


How do I have to take care of the DOLFINOS Rest System? 

If you want your DOLFINOS Rest System to accompany you throughout your life, it needs your attentive care. It is a piece that you will use every day for several hours. Don't worry! It's easy, it won't take long and we explain it in our video tutorials section.


How do I assembly the DOLFINOS Rest System?

Our video tutorials for the independent and easy assembly / disassembly of the system as well as the adjustment for individual playing needs are available on our website.


What do I do in case some parts of the product need to be replaced?

We offer a customer-friendly service with a sustainable production concept. The longevity of the product is additionally supported by the possibility to order spare parts or have repairs carried out.


What do I do in case the DOLFINOS Rest System needs to be repaired?

All DOLFINOS devices are serviced and repaired in our manufacture in Switzerland. If you have problems with your Rest System send us an e-mail or make a Skype appointment with us.

If you want to ask us something else: mail@dolfinos.com