Workshop in Verbier on July 15th

DOLFINOS Verbier workshop all in one chin shoulder rest system

DOLFINOS will be giving two workshops at the Verbier Festival 2022 on July 15th 2022, 14.00-16.00 (Atelier 1) and 17.30-19.00 (Atelier 2)!
The workshop is accessible to every violist, violinist, cellist (amateurs, students, professionals) and it's free of charge! The workshop is limited to 12 participants per workshop. It’ll be on a first come first serve basis. :) 

This workshop will share the findings we made in collaboration with leading professionals as well as scientists.

The program of the workshop includes:

  • Learn how about safer and more energy-efficient playing by applying the research findings and biomechanical devices made by DOLFINOS
  • Guided hands-on trial with the DOLFINOS Rest System
  • Get in touch with your individual musical FLOW for more effortless playing
  • Experience the influence of greater sound and body resonance within your performance abilities and wellbeing
You and your friends are very welcome to participate. Apply by writing an email to mail@dolfinos.comWe will inform you about the details and participation.
Please tell us if you participate in Atelier 1 or Atelier 2, mention your full name and which instrument you will bring along for the workshop. For optimal benefit, bring your instrument, your current shoulder and chin rest and tools to remove your actual chin rest!