Price Adjustments

Price Adjustments

We know that our customers value the fact that they not only get high-quality products from DOLFINOS but that these are also based on true prices.

However, very many products that people buy today are based on untrue prices. These prices do not include the damage inflicted on nature and man, in order to achieve a low production price. This on the one hand gives the seller a maximum profit margin and on the other hand offers the buyer a price advantage that makes it easier to spend the money for the purchase of the coveted object.

There are several reasons why our violin / viola rest systems are significantly more expensive than most competing products.
1st reason: At DOLFINOS, you only pay true prices, because these are based on fairness and consistent sustainability.
2nd reason: Our products were developed with the aim of covering as many user’s needs as possible with one comprehensive product.
3rd reason: Professional equipment is exposed to extreme wear and tear. Instead of offering a product that must be thrown away when it wears out, we have decided to bring more durable and repairable products to the market.
In this way, we avoid unnecessary waste and enable the customer to amortize his investment.
It is the rule that in the first few years, startups work at best with cost-covering prices due to large preliminary investments and high costs that arise with small series. It was no different for us which is why our price calculations have always been very tight.
But at the same time, we were also exposed to the price increases that have come our way over the past two years. As we all know, the costs of raw materials, transport, and energy have risen massively. Nevertheless, we at DOLFINOS have tried for several months to counter this trend with even more efficiency in order to be able to maintain the price level for our customers.

However, since the trend is not reversed, we are now unfortunately forced to adjust our prices, because we believe that our customers deserve to continue to receive the quality they need.
We, therefore, ask for your understanding that we can only ensure our quality level through these price adjustments. The new prices will apply from November 1st 2022.


the DOLFINOS team